Spunbond Nonwoven fabrics are made by forming fibrous webs directly from %100 polypropylene granules and then consolidating the webs.


Type Fabrics with double Spunbond layer (SS) and triple Spunbond layer (SSS)


Physical Properties  Spunbond Nonwoven Fabrics are offered from 8 to 150 gr per sqm.  We produce PP Spunbond Fabrics with SS,SSS multilayer technologies to make fabrics with better physical properties, more homogeneous fiber distribution on the surface and high strength in both machine and cross machine directions.


Finishing  It can be slit from 20mm to 3200mm (for agriculture 0.80mt to 16mt) and available in all colors upon your request.


Treatments Hydrophilic, Zone Hydrophilic, Aloevera, Anti Static, Anti Bacterial, Softness, UV,       Flame Retardant treatments are available. The treated fabric will be functioned with various features.


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