Textile Backsheets are manufactured by laminating polyethylene film on nonwoven and supplied to diaper producers, and also gives a soft and cotton texture thanks to its textile surface.


Physical Properties – TBS are offered from 22gsm to 28 gsm as printed (up to 6 colors) and non printed. It can be produced with breathable or non-breathable films.


Features Breathable, Non Breathable, Soft, Comfortable, Textile-like look and texture, Liquid Barrier


Applications The TBS are mostly used in hygiene industry as in baby diaper, incontinence diapers femcare pads and underpads




Printed Fabrics


Type Flexographic printing on %100 PP Spunbond Nonwoven. Flexographic printing, is a form of rotary printing in which quickdrying inks are transferred from flexible printing plates to a substrate. This is primarily used for large-scale printing of text and images on nonwovens.


Physical properties The printed fabrics can be made from 10 gsm to 150gsm and up to 6 colors. It has an excellent uniform, tensile and elongation properties


Finishing  It can be slit from 20mm to 1600mm 


Treatments Anti Bacterial, UV, Flame Retardant treatments are available. The treated fabric will be functioned with various features


Features Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Salient


Applications The Printed Fabrics are used in many industries such as Advertising, Home Textile, Clothing, Packaging, Carpets, Hygiene, Medical & Healthcare industries.



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